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Wouldn’t you like to ensure high quality diagnostic results, no matter the complexity of the examination or the patient’s clinical condition?

Adaptive Diagnostics is Toshiba Medical’s patient centric suite of unique imaging solutions that simplify complex protocols and provide consistent quality results. Toshiba Medical’s solutions thereby improve workflow and decrease scanning complexity for the technical team.

Resultant improvements in diagnostic accuracy reduce the time to diagnosis for patients on a routine basis.

vHP (variable Helical Pitch)

Save radiation and contrast dose by combining gated and non-gated acquisitions into a single scan.


Faster and more accurate diagnosis with automatic subtraction of:
• bone for vessel and tumor assessment
• calcium for accurate evaluation of vessel stenosis
• stents for evaluation of restenosis and endoleaks

SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction)

Remove metallic artifacts from ANY volumetric scan - using only one acquisition - only one energy - even after the event.

SURECardio Prospective

Robust cardiac CTA automatically adapting to your patient’s heart rate and unexpected arrhythmias.

Volumetric Dual Energy

An elegant solution for the classification of renal stones and gout.

SURESubtraction Lung

Enhance diagnostic capability of pulmonary CTA studies with blood flow mapping of lung parenchyma.

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